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Indegy releases new Cybersecurity Appliance #pauto #cyber #manufacturing #networking

Indegy Introduces ICS Cyber Security Platform for Protecting Critical Infrastructures
Provides Deep Visibility into Control-Layer Activity to Ensure Operational Safety, Reliability and Security of Industrial Systems

ORLANDO, Fla., ARC Industry Forum, Feb. 9, 2016 -- Indegy, the industrial cyber security company, today emerged from stealth mode and announced the first cyber security platform that provides comprehensive visibility into the critical control-layer of Operational Technology (OT) networks to identify threats that place the safety, reliability and security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at risk. By detecting logic changes to controllers that manage power grids, gas pipelines and manufacturing facilities, Indegy provides advanced protection against cyber attacks, insider threats and unauthorized modifications.

“There are many industrial cyber security solutions available today to secure networks and PC- based systems in control systems,” said Sid Snitkin, VP and GM Enterprise Advisory Services for ARC Advisory Group. “What’s needed now are solutions that can help companies prevent illegal commands to controllers and detect unauthorized changes to the programming in process controllers, like PLCs, DCS, and SCADA systems, before they cause disruptions to plant operation and safety.”

Critical Operational Blindspots
To gain the visibility needed to detect and respond to unauthorized ICS changes, control-layer activity must be monitored. This includes modifications to controller logic, configurations, firmware downloads and any variations in controller state. However, industrial networks were designed before cyber threats existed, so they lack security controls common in IT infrastructures. More importantly, ICS technologies use proprietary, undocumented protocols to modify controller settings. This prevents engineers and security personnel from detecting control-layer activity, since they can only monitor process parameter changes performed over known protocols like MODBUS or DNP3.

Indegy provides previously unavailable real-time visibility into all ICS control-layer activities.

ICS Visibility and Control
The Indegy platform is natively designed for ICS networks and eliminates operational blind spots by detecting changes to controllers regardless of whether they are performed over the network, locally on the device, by malware, or a human being. It automatically discovers all controllers on ICS networks and routinely validates their logic, firmware version and configuration to identify any unauthorized or unintended changes. Indegy also monitors and logs all network activity including instructions sent to controllers such as modifying the temperature, pressure, rotation speed, etc. of operational equipment.

To enable industrial engineers and security staff to quickly pinpoint operational problems and respond to cyber attacks, insider threats and human error, the Indegy platform generates policy- based real-time security alerts. Indegy also assists the engineering personnel with built-in applications for asset management, configuration control, backup and recovery. In addition, comprehensive reports allow facilities operators to demonstrate compliance with various regulations.
“Controllers are the central nervous system of ICS networks because they maintain the logic used to manage the entire lifecycle of industrial processes - the turbines, valves, generators and other components that make up critical infrastructures,” said Barak Perelman, CEO of Indegy. “The Indegy Platform enables operations and security personnel to protect ICS networks by monitoring and alerting in real-time on all changes made to controllers, whether caused by malware or a human being.”
Delivered as a turn-key network appliance, the Indegy platform is agentless, non-intrusive and deploys without disrupting operations. It supports seamless integration with third party software including SIEM, configuration management databases (CMDB) and other applications through an easy to use RESTFul API.

The Indegy platform is available immediately. To request a demo and learn more visit:

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Manufacturing Results from Deloite UK #pauto #financials #automation #manufacturing

Commenting on the Office for National Statistics’ Index of Production figures for December released today, Mark Stephenson, UK manufacturing industry leader at Deloitte, said:

“December’s decreased manufacturing output highlights the real challenges of UK manufacturers in an uncertain climate.

“Export conditions remain tough with a weak Euro and decreasing manufacturing output in the Eurozone. Continuing factory output shrinkage in China is affecting global markets and growth forecasts for manufacturers. Considerable headwinds clearly remain, but it's not all doom and gloom.

“Whilst the manufacturing PMI had a dip in December, it rose up again in January. Domestic demand remains strong with consumer credit confidence and spending continuing to rise. 2015 also represented a 10-year high in car production. Looking ahead, even a weakening pound could boost exports for UK manufacturers.”

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ARC Forum Press Conference Videos Part Five #pauto #automation #controls

Mara Weber and Hillary Gwisdala from HPS introduce Honeywell Pulse! a new, mobile client for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

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ARC Forum Press Conference Videos Part Four #pauto #automation #controls

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley talks about new ways to get to 3 dimensional engineering models of brownfield sites, using small, inexpensive drones and cell phone cameras.

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ARC Forum Press Conference Videos Part Three #pauto #automation #controls

Yokogawa's Tom Fiske introduces Satoru Kurosu, director and executive vice president of Yokogawa HQ, and Simon Wright, CEO of new Yokogawa Business Unit Industrial Knowledge, based on the January 2016 acquisition of Industrial Evolution Inc., to talk about Yokogawa's new cloud-based data capabilities.

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ARC Forum Press Conference Videos Part Two #pauto #automation #controls

Here's the second of the videos:

Greg Scheu, president of ABB Americas, and Peter Terweisch, president of ABB Automation, talk about ABB's different take on the Industrial Internet of Things:

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ARC Forum Press Conference Videos #pauto #automation #controls

Here are the videos from the ARC Forum Press Conference on 2/8/16

The first video has Fred Yentz from Telit talking about the IoT offerings Telit brings to the party, and then Inductive Automation's Don Pearson and Arlen Nipper, co-inventor of the MQTT protocol, on Ignition! native support for MQTT.

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PAS announces cyber-fueled growth #pauto #cybersecurity #automation #power

PAS, Inc. announced today record-breaking growth across the company’s business units. The PAS Cybersecurity business unit grew the fastest with a 48 percent increase in orders year over year. PAS also continued to aggressively expand its customer base within oil and gas, petrochemical, and power industries.

Despite a challenging economic climate, companies continue to invest in solutions that address cybersecurity risk within the process control network layer. PAS Cyber Integrity™ addresses this risk by automating the inventory of both proprietary (OT) and non-proprietary (IT) control system assets and by managing change, patch, and compliance activities across these systems. Power and process industry customers see resulting gains in safety, security, and asset reliability from deploying PAS solutions.

PAS’ commitment to safety and cybersecurity was a significant contributor to its performance in 2015. Highlights of critical milestones include:

Financial Performance: PAS closed the year with the highest revenue in the history of the company and a 45 percent increase in operating income over 2014.
Business Updates: PAS launched its new Cybersecurity business unit in May reflecting the company’s commitment to and ongoing investment in ICS cybersecurity.
Product Releases: PAS released Cyber Integrity 5.0 in November featuring closed-loop patch management automation and enhanced compliance capabilities.
Customer Milestone: The PAS customer base eclipsed the 900 mark – an 8 percent growth rate that includes new cybersecurity customers in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, and nuclear industries.
PAS solutions are regarded as mission critical and deployed enterprise-wide within many global industrial companies. PAS blue chip global clients include 9 of the top 15 largest power companies, 14 of the top 15 largest chemical companies, and 12 of the top 15 largest refining companies. In support of its expanding customer base, PAS grew headcount by 16 percent in 2015 and expects additional growth of 20 percent in 2016. A privately held company, PAS is headquartered in Houston, Texas with regional offices in Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

habibi_eddie.jpg“Our customers are keenly interested in protecting their ICS assets from internal and external cyber threats to safety and security,” says Eddie Habibi, PAS founder and CEO. “With the number of cyber incidents on the rise, industrial companies depend on PAS solutions to detect unauthorized activity deep within the proprietary control systems, which IT-based tools fail to identify. We are proud of our achievements in 2015, not only within cybersecurity, but also our traditional businesses of alarm management and high performance HMI. Last year was a momentum-building year for us, and we are eager to make even greater strides providing value for our customers in 2016.”

A noted industry speaker and author, Habibi is participating in an industry panel this week at the ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida, to discuss ongoing industry trends and concerns around cybersecurity. In addition, PAS is showcasing its Cyber Integrity solution in booth 16.

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Annual ARC Extravaganza Gets Going #pauto #factory automation, #manufacturing

ARC's annual Forum has gotten underway in Orlando, Florida. Pre-conference workshops on things like cybersecurity, meetings, and press conferences today. The INSIDER will be attending those and reporting on Twitter all afternoon.

This morning I had a meeting with Andrew Ginter, vice president of Waterfall Security. I've known Andrew for a while, and he is one of the most knowledgeable and practical cyber warriors I know. We are both somewhat contrarian on the benefits and ease of installation of the Internet of Things (whether commercial IoT or the IIoT). It is easy to poke fun at the holes in the security concepts of the IIoT, but this is deadly serious-- doing it wrong will simply kill people and blow up assets. Doing it right will be hard and expensive-- which may kill the IIoT in a lot of potential applications.

Oh well.

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Bedrock Automation Sends Releases #pauto #factoryautomation #ups


Standalone Li-Ion UPS from Bedrock Automation Sets New Performance and Cyber Security Standard for Industrial Control System Backup

Powerful secure microcontroller, deep authentication and NEMA4x casing provide Internet-of-Things-ready industrial control system power continuity

Bedrock Automation has introduced a cyber secure, standalone Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for industrial control system applications. The BedrockTM UPS.500 features powerful onboard electronics that enhance the performance advantages of lithium ion (Li-Ion) polymer battery technology, manage Bedrock’s patented deep authentication cyber protection and enable secure Ethernet communications. A sealed NEMA4x aluminum housing provides protection from cyber tampering and enables use amidst the most challenging field installations.

“As industrial devices get more intelligent, they also become more vulnerable to disruption. When we set out to redefine the industrial control system for the next generation of industrial operations, it was clear that we needed battery backup far more capable and elegant than anything currently on the market. By drawing on our deep process automation, electronics and cyber security expertise, we built the Bedrock UPS.500 and are pleased to offer it now for use with any control system,” said Albert Rooyakkers, CTO and Vice President of Engineering for Bedrock Automation.

High performance in a small footprint
The Bedrock UPS.500 provides 24 V DC 12Ah of power for any DCS, PLC, PAC or SCADA RTU application. An onboard secure microcontroller controls the Li-Ion polymer battery cell-by-cell, augmenting the high density, rapid charging, extreme temperature tolerance and extended life that characterizes Li-Ion technology. Compared to traditional systems using lead acid batteries, the Bedrock UPS.500 extracts all of the advantages of lithium energy storage including extreme energy density and significant improvements in size, weight, and useful life. The UPS.500 also recharges 10 times faster than conventional lead acid battery system.

“Brownouts and other power interruptions can result in costly lost production, jeopardize quality and even introduce safety hazards. That is why companies invest so heavily in large backup systems, which can take up valuable floor space and require expensive air conditioning. But we don’t see this centralized model as compatible with the IIoT. We see a trend toward distributed units that use less energy, less space and are less susceptible to external forces. This is the need that Bedrock Automation is addressing by making its UPS available for general control applications,” said ARC Analyst Mark Sen Gupta.

Embedded cyber security protection
The onboard electronics enable Bedrock Automation’s patented embedded deep trust ICS cyber security, which works transparently and instantly upon startup to manage Bedrock’s authentication process. This authentication strategy protects the hardware, firmware, software and communication of the UPS throughout its entire lifecycle. Few other industrial UPSs have onboard electronics, and none have comparable intelligence, memory or cyber security protection.

Secure Ethernet
With the secure onboard microcontroller comes secure 10/100 Mbit Ethernet IPv4 and IPv6 communications and support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Embedded Web Server and embedded IEC 62541 - OPC Unified Architecture Server. Bi-directional communications enable control, diagnostics and status reporting. More than 35 diagnostic variables can be easily monitored, trended, alarmed and historicized via SCADA, enterprise and cloud applications securely.

Field ready
The UPS.500 is also rugged, shock and vibration proof and designed for use in extreme environments. Encased in a sealed aluminum housing, the UPS.500 is compliant with IP67 and NEMA 4X standards for resistance to water, ice, oil and dust. The sealed all aluminum case reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for separate environmental protection enclosures.

Pricing and availability
The Bedrock UPS will be available for delivery in June of 2016. The suggested US list price is $4000.

Bedrock Automation Signs New Application Solution Providers
Control Point and Power-Motion Sales sign on to distribute and support BedrockTM universal control system

Bedrock Automation has signed two new Automation Solution Providers (ASPs) to help meet growing demand for its award-winning BedrockTM cyber secure industrial control system (ICS). Power-Motion Sales will distribute Bedrock technology in the Midwest and Control Point will distribute systems in New England.

Control Point
Control Point Inc. ( represents high technology automation and data acquisition products in the water / wastewater, power, process and manufacturing industries. Based in Scarborough, Maine, Control Point’s services include system design, application assistance, product training and technical support. Initially specializing in SCADA software, field instrumentation and PLC control, Control Point’s expertise now also includes operator interfaces, I/O systems, RTUs, power supplies, switches, cell routers, remote maintenance and wireless networks.

“Adding the Bedrock line to our offering enables us to work with our customers on simple, scalable and secure control applications that would not be practical with traditional PLC technology, helping us fulfill our mission to keep customers current with high quality, cost effective and innovative technologies,” said Jeff Murray, President of Control Point.

Power-Motion Sales
With locations in St. Louis, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; and Little Rock Arkansas, Power-Motion Sales ( will distribute and support Bedrock installations in a broad range of industries in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, as well as in Nebraska, Iowa and Louisiana. Its highly experienced teams of sales engineers, technical application engineers and systems professionals provide after sales start-up, programming, training, electrical design and panel-building. Power-Motion Sales serves a broad process, discrete and municipal industry base and is especially well-known in the Midwest for its PLC/MMI, motion control and non-contact sensing expertise.

“The industrial base in our region is very diverse so the flexibility and scalability of the Bedrock system is especially attractive to us. We are always looking for ways to help our customers use automation to improve their profitability and the Bedrock technology provides that in a secure and easy-to-implement platform,” said Chris Tremblay, President of Power-Motion Sales.

Coherent Technologies Joins BedrockTM Systems Integration Network

Bedrock Automation also announced that systems integration firm Coherent Technologies of Palestine, Texas has signed on to deliver automation solutions as a Bedrock solution provider. Coherent brings more than 25 years of experience in providing a complete range of technical services, project management, maintenance, support and training for industrial control applications throughout the world. 

“Our mission is to connect customers with the latest technology and operating efficiency advances. Our success is rooted in innovation and in building deep, longstanding relationships with customers, employees and suppliers. The Bedrock control system is certainly in keeping with our commitment to innovation and Bedrock Automation’s commitment to building long term relationships fits well with our company culture,” said Timothy Triplett, President of Coherent Technologies. (

Along with high tech distributors, systems integrators are Bedrock Automation’s primary channel to market. As part of the Bedrock channel, Coherent Technologies will be able to deliver its clients the only industrial control system with embedded cyber security. Because they can implement Bedrock as either a high performance DCS, PLC, SCADA RTU or safety system – in most cases with fewer than six part numbers – they will have budget and schedule flexibility unequalled by any other control technology. And secure universal I/O modules that are software configurable for analog, discrete, Ethernet and Fieldbus signal types reduces engineering time even further.


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