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04:47 pm: TiPS on the State of the Automation Art  1 comment
09:50 pm: Convivial dinner
12:07 pm: From the Lego NXT Mania plot thickens department
05:19 pm: From the old home week department
08:54 pm: Pavilion keeps on going...
06:24 pm: From the "Oh, damn" department
07:06 pm: Rockwell finally finds a buyer for Dodge and Reliance  1 comment
09:02 pm: McMillan and Blevins in blog heaven...
06:56 pm: From the "PR Wall of Shame..."
07:11 pm: The Gathering of the Parker Clan
03:18 am: Opening Press Release from Honeywell
08:13 am: Honeywell EMEA--live from Sevilla, Espana
08:49 am: Eric Byres Keynotes on Security  4 comments
09:17 am: How do you follow that act?
12:15 am: More from Eric Byres...
10:31 am: From the "Whew, glad that's over" department...
02:27 pm: From the "tell them our wireless is better" department...
02:50 pm: from the "did you really think this through?" department...
02:52 pm: from the department of "Wait until next year..."
03:15 pm: from the "surfing at Tofino" department...
03:30 pm: from the "lunching with the brass..." department...
03:51 pm: from the "another call for papers" department...
04:40 pm: From the department of "how integrated is THAT?"
06:45 pm: from the "what does a system integrator do?" department...
03:30 am: from the department of "let's get on the stick..."
03:38 am: from the department of "taking over the world one standard at a time"
11:30 pm: from the department of "wow, that's a long trip!"....
10:55 am: from the "global leadership, local partnership" department...
11:55 am: from the department of "don't get lost..."
12:12 pm: Heinz Gall on Functional Safety--from the department of "no whining"
12:22 pm: from the "from the abstract to the concrete" department
02:24 am: from the department of "the end users have their say..."
02:38 am: more from the "end users speak up" department
02:46 am: from the department of "table chat"
03:18 am: Now from the "department of Walt blathers on..."
04:44 pm: The last of it: The final presentations
04:51 pm: Getting the magazine put to bed...but not me...
04:54 pm: Happy USA Thanksgiving!
10:59 pm: Sign of the times: Emerson partners with Intergraph  3 comments
12:01 am: Yokogawa explains it all to you...
12:09 am: Bowron-san takes a bow...
12:13 pm: John Bowron goes on...
12:17 pm: The Gaijin-in-Chief speaks...
12:22 pm: From the department of "the man can talk..."
12:33 pm: Matt Arcy on the User Group
12:35 pm: From the department of "on the cutting edge..."
12:49 pm: From the department of "Andy Chatha Speaks!"

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