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DCS / SIS Interface

Interesting. Alot of companies have used OPC to interface brand X DCS to brand Y SIS. This must raise some safety and security issues.

I recently worked on a project where we were going to use OPC but switched to redundant Profibus to interface brand H DCS to brand S SIS. It worked well and was more cost effective. I wonder what Mr. Byres would say about that from a security standpoint?

OPC for critical purposes???

Experience shows that when major engineering contractor convinced customers to install OPC as the mean to put critical DCS, ESD (SIS) and Asset management to interface with each other, the result is that there will be a big defficiency to evaluate and diagnose trips in process plants due to data delivered with delays and never sinchronized with the rest of data displayed by other systems.

RCFA and trips with no diagnostic on time will take plants to LPO´s bigger than the total cost of either a well designed OPC or an even better selected interface platform.

In the other hand, there is no way yet to get the benefit of on line diagnostic systems data from platforms based on OPC. Again, delays on the development of a unique and seamless interface makes the real on line diagnostic to go even far away from customers. OPC, Fieldbus, Hart based sys, VPN and a lot of open options should move in the same direction to allow process industry (mainly the ones handling dangerous chemical) to avoid potential LPO´s and safety incidents.


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