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Gas Powered Press Release
Rich Merritt comments on a press release he sent me this afternoon; and it struck me funny:

Attached and appended below is a new product release describing the EPX2 voltage to pressure transmitter. You can obtain a high-resolution digital photo at Download the EPX2 Voltage to Pressure Transmitter photo from the EPX2 folder.

This may seem like another run-of-the-mill product release at first, but note that the EPX2 can be powered by NATURAL GAS!

This means that control valves and pneumatic actuators at remote sites, where it is impossible or too expensive to install an air compressor, can be controlled by using natural gas as the pneumatic supply. Moore Industries developed this product for the natural gas industry for use at remote gas well heads, but it can be used anywhere gas is present and electricity isn’t.

Gas isn't always natural

Humm, natural gas such as that produced by too many burrito's; or natural gas as transported via pipeline to heat homes?
Using natural gas as the power source at remote locations is in deed a good idea and it was a good idea in 1946 when Jack Shafer introduced a complete line of Shafer valve acutators that have since become the de-facto standard for remote pipeline operations.

Dave Harrold


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