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09:28 am: Emerson's Global Family Gathers...
10:05 am: John Berra's Vision
10:13 am: More from John Berra
12:23 pm: The Climax: John Berra on the wireless future
12:32 pm: An's a blog post from Dan Hebert
12:54 pm: Former Temple-Inland Chief Outlines Challenges to Industry at Emerson Exchange
01:38 pm: Brother Beckman Puts It All Together For Us.
04:07 pm: Emerson Announces the Start of Wireless Made Easy
06:25 am: What some companies do...
09:57 am: A conversation with MTL
04:46 pm: This Conference Is Too a Show!
03:50 pm: Everybody talks about it...
04:05 pm: It's not vaporware...  3 comments
09:46 pm: Testing Testing Testing
06:45 am: It isn't just the big six...
07:36 am: An Open Letter to the Members of SP100
01:59 pm: comment on my open letter from Dick Caro
01:59 pm: More SP100 comments...
02:50 pm: A negative note from Cullen Langford...on SP100 and who should pay.
03:46 pm: More from Cullen Langford....  1 comment
03:58 pm: ISA Marketing and Sales Summit--2007
03:12 pm: SP100-- to test or not to test---
04:31 pm: Lipták the Revolutionary
10:35 am: Parker joins the engineering education bandwagon...
02:21 pm: ISA Steps UP! Finally!!!
02:25 pm: More from Béla on the Hungarian Revolution in 1956  1 comment
07:22 pm: Automation Compliance Institute-- Why this is a good thing!
07:05 am: Some thoughts on SP100 as the committee prepares for next week's meeting...
01:03 pm: Friday afternoon funnies...
03:31 pm: More from the Nunc Dimittis Domine department...
01:32 pm: Of course you're all wondering what happened to me...
05:02 pm: Timeless content: remember pneumatics?
08:13 am: Wireless from Slashdot
08:18 am: What December's Control will bring you...
11:13 am: The latest contribution to the PR Wall of Shame...
11:50 am: From the more good news department...
03:43 pm: Rockwell Software-- it's looking like they're for real...
03:57 pm: Honeywell Educates in China
03:11 pm: Rockwell's PSUG goes to YouTube!
08:56 am: Emerson gets married to Don Bently
09:35 am: From the Tit for Tat department...A PI in every pot...
11:04 am: From the playing nice in the wireless sandbox department...
11:14 am: From the rising tide lifts all boats department...Honeywell moves into Angola
11:34 am: From the making new engineers department...

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