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Inside the March INSIDER #pauto #iainsider #automation
The March issue of the Industrial Automation and Process Control INSIDER will be delivered on Tuesday, March 11 to the inboxes of all the subscribers.

Items you'll find in the issue:InsiderSample

+Coverage and analysis from the ARC Forum
+Eurotherm's future
+Hollysys' financial results
+The Internet of Things
+The Way I See It, Walt Boyes' editorial
+Important new product releases
+The disconnection of HMIs from the control system
+DirectedSensing, Projexsys, and groove

and much, much more!

Premiering in this issue is Profile, by Joy Ward, Qualitative Research Practice Lead at Spitzer and Boyes LLC. Joy is an accomplished interviewer and she will be presenting an interview each month with a significant automation personage. In this issue, Joy interviews Andy Chatha, CEO of ARC Advisory Group.

In future issues, Joy will have interviews with Chris Lyden, of Invensys; Helmuth Ludwig of Siemens Industry; Peter Zornio, of Emerson Process Management, and others. If you have a suggestion for an automation luminary for her to interview, contact her at

Coming up in April will be the debut of the INSIDER Index. Mary Samuelson, Spitzer and Boyes Quantitative Research Practice Lead has been working up a "health of the industry" index which will be updated in every issue. This unique index is only available to subscribers to the INSIDER.

Finally, on April 2 (we NEVER release anything on April 1) Spitzer and Boyes will release the first in the INSIDER Special Reports Series, The Internet of Things in Manufacturing. Prepared by Mary Samuelson's team, this special report will focus on the quite different uses of the Internet of Things than the consumer issues everyone has concentrated on. Whether you call it Big Data, Ubiquitous Data, Pervasive Data, or other buzzwords, the Internet of Things will have a game changing effect on manufacturing from supply chain to the plant floor, and from the plant to the boardroom.

The Internet of Things in Manufacturing will be publicly available for $500 per copy. We will have more information on how to buy the report soon. In the meantime, pre-orders can be sent to David Spitzer at Checks and normal credit cards will be available. Purchase orders are also acceptable.

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