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Waiting to upgrade is good! @Microsoft @Office365 @Windows10 fail... #pauto #customerservice #fail

The entire automation industry is renowned for being upgrade averse. There are excellent reasons for this, as I found out this week, when trying a simple upgrade to Windows 10 on the machine on which I produce the INSIDER.

The original upgrade went, as Microsoft and several good friends suggested, excellently. For about 18 hours, I had a working Windows 10 machine, and it was a fantastic experience. Microsoft really nailed this one.

Overnight, AVG upgraded its software. When I restarted the machine, the display port started flashing, and nothing worked. After much finagling and searching for answers, I reset the machine. The documentation was clear that if I did this, I couldn't go back to Win7, and that Windows 10 would dump all but essential programs. Okay, that's survivable, I can re-load everything. Right?

Apparently not.

One of the programs dumped (for gnu knows what reason) was Office 365, which includes Publisher, on which I produce the INSIDER. Simple re-install, right?

So it would seem, but not so.

While Office 365 installed fine, it refuses to authorize, and I now have less than 3 days remaining before it becomes unlicensed software. I have spoken to Microsoft technicians three times. Each time the technician, obviously based in India, goes through the same process and gets the same result. Nothing.

I was to be bounced up to a third tier tech, but they were all tied up until this morning (this, from Monday morning)...at 0800. It is well past that time, as I write, and no phone call from Microsoft.

This is not what I would consider good service.

If I was upgrading a large installation in a factory, I'd be out of work now. So I clearly understand why we are all so upgrade averse. Jake Brodsky, of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, says they run patches and upgrades for over 12 months before using them in the online system. They've been burned before. They will be burned again. But at least they won't be burned all the time.

Just so nobody worries, I have installed Office 365 with Publisher on another Windows machine, and it installed fine and so I will be using it to do the INSIDER this month, as a backup, in case I don't get the primary machine fixed. I fear that I may have to nuke the machine back to the OS and reload absolutely everything from scratch. Good thing I have multiple backups.

Sigh. Ain't Technology Great(tm)!
Tags: bad customer service, installation fail, microsoft, office 365, windows 10
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