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  • Sun, 02:39: RT @langnergroup: How often did you hear that hackers are constantly attacking critical infrastructure? How often did they succeed? What…
  • Sun, 02:42: RT @DF2691: Steve Schmidt, on MSNBC a few minutes ago, called Trump's Tulsa speech the "Emptysburg Address." Let's get #EmptysburgAddress
  • Sun, 09:08: RT @LNSmithee: @mattdizwhitlock A statue of the General who defeated the Confederacy is toppled ... on Juneteenth. 🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm almost speech…
  • Sun, 09:08: RT @LiamMcBaen: @mattdizwhitlock He not only was only "gifted" that man, he freed him within the year. It cost Grant $1,000 in those days,…
  • Sun, 09:10: RT @DavidCayJ: @jrivanob Grant freed the one enslaved man given him as a gift. Grant opposed slavery through this life. His military str…
  • Sun, 09:10: RT @Captn_Sunshine: @jrivanob Frederick Douglass eulogized Grant as “a man too broad for prejudice, too humane to despise the humblest, too…
  • Sun, 10:21: RT @MysterySolvent: Here is Trump returning to the White House after the Tulsa Rally! How would you describe his demeanor and body language…
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