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ABB ships R&D to India

ABB Automation Group is how committed to the US?

After making a big deal about moving the Group headquarters to Connecticut, ABB's Group R&D Lab is inaugurated in India. What about putting it back where it used to be, in Cleveland?

From WebIndia123.com: Switzerland Minister for Economic Affairs Joseph Deiss today inaugurated a new laboratory of Power major ABB India's Corporate Research Laboratory here.
Mr Deiss leading a high profile Swiss delegation speaking on the occasion said ABB and other Swiss companies have demonstrated the vast potential India had and the future would only see a growth in Swiss investment. The R and D Centre of the ABB was a clear indication of increasing collaboration of Indian intellectual capital to global technology and innovation.

On Karnataka he said ''it has always been seen as an investor friendly State and we have a noteworthy Swiss presence here''.

ABB had set up its Global R and D Centre here in 2002. It was the first outside Europe and the US and was an integral part of ABB's global R and D network linking other centres in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, the US and more recently China. From a mere 20 staff in 2002 the Centre had grown to 200 people, Mr Ravi Uppal Country Manager for ABB India said. In the next couple of years the number was expected to touch 500.

Bangalore Centre's primary mission was to drive ABB's embedded technology development and deployment for integrating plant automation, asset optimisation and collaborative business processes seamlessly and in real time. The Centre also develops, maintains and supported a range of software intensive products. It was a lead centre for fieldbus technologies, automated testing, migration tools, new graphics technologies and new generation of process controllers.

The Centre operated as an automation lab focussing on software development to facilitate ABB's open architecture based technology platform.

The centre had already completed 75 key projects and they included some independent projects. The Centre had also helped achieve considerable cost savings and reduced time to market substantially for several industrial IT enablement projects, including the recently launched 800xA automation system, ABB's flagship DCS platform

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